The education industry is one of the biggest in South Africa. Government participation in this industry has received the biggest focus over recent years, yet the industry still faces many quality assurance challenges. From academic qualifications to legal compliance training, the number of people trained every year by institutions and training companies is in the millions.

With every course completed, certificates have to be created, and with such large quantities of certificates being created every day, there are many fakes that are made fraudulently and used by dishonest individuals.

Employers and professionals need to verify that certificates are indeed valid and authentic, and current background screening practices make the validation process expensive and time-consuming.

CERTSA provides an effortless platform for instant validation of achievement certificates, and provides services and systems that prevent certificate fraud.

Our aim is for our users to realize that instead of paying for expensive background screening services, instead they can put pressure on people to take the responsibility to have their own educational certificates loaded into the National Certificate Register, via a CERTSA system or authentication partner. Not only will this save money, but it will also save time and human resources.

Certificates loaded by the Issuers

Certificates on the National Certificate Register are uploaded by the original issuer, via a strict, two-phase release process.  This means that all certificates are as good, if not better, than those issued by the training organisation.

The CERTSA systems allow for bulk uploading of certificates from legacy systems.  Certificates are recreated in this process so that a secure, QR Coded certificate can be viewed through our enquiry systems.

Reprints and copies are then available on request as the records are stored and protected for life.

Certificates scanned into the system

The CERTSA system ensures that certificates only need to be authenticated once, thereafter the records are available for verification as and when needed.

Individuals who would like to make use of the CERTSA system and have their certificates authenticated and loaded into the National Certificate Register can only do so by dealing with a licensed CERTSA authentication partner.

Once a document is deemed authentic by our verification team, the system adds a digital ID stamp to the certificate, which makes it secure against future alterations and uniquely identifiable.

Details can later be checked and referenced against the original record, which is stored in the National Certificate Register, by both visual and data checks.

A copy of the certificate containing the unique CERTSA ID can be printed, emailed and used by persons with the confidence that anyone wishing to validate the copy as authentic; can do so by simply doing a verification check with the VeriCert app or through the EduCheck website.

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