National Certificate Register

The National Certificate Register

The National Certificate Register is a database of achievement certificates, which can be accessed and used by persons who wish to authenticate a certificate. Every certificate that is stored in the National Certificate Register has gone through a strict authentication process to ensure that it is valid, original and authentic. Certificates are either verified by the issuer at source or through independent verification by an authentication partner.

All certificates generated by our EduCert software are securely uploaded to the National Certificate Register, and fully protected against alterations and certificate fraud.

The National Certificate Register is in effect a digital safe, which stores certificate records. Every authenticated certificate in the National Certificate Register is imprinted with a CERTSA ID (in the form of a unique QR code), which makes it easy to carry out a verification check using the VeriCert software app. Entry of certificates into the National Certificate Register is restricted to ensure the integrity and security of the database is maintained at all times.

The only way a certificate can only be loaded into the database is by an authority of the following 3 types:

  • A government or official organization.
  • A learning institution or educational training provider.
  • A registered document authentication company or CERTSA office.

Our CERTSA authentication partners adhere to strict security measures and procedures, and are audited on a continual basis. All information and certificates which pass the security checks by our authentication partners, are then again dual verified by the CERTSA authentication team at head office, ensuring that the database is protected and secure against all types of abuse and fraudulent activity. Data records in this system are secure and can be trusted as 100% authentic.

Who will use the National Certificate Register?

Companies, organizations, recruitment specialists and HR departments are now able to easily verify their employee and vendor’s education and achievement certificates through the EduCheck website. 
The validation users of the CERTSA system are mainly human resource departments and new employers, who wish to validate educational certificates of their employees. Such services are already in high demand with background screening companies

The following types of organizations have high staff turnover figures and have policies in place that require them to do professional checks on all new employees:

  • Large corporate companies and their HR departments.
  • Government HR departments.
  • Recruitment agencies.
  • Background screening companies.
  • Mining houses.
  • The Security Industry.
  • Anyone with a need to authenticate certificates.
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  • Vericert
  • Educert Cloud
  • Educheck
  • Educert Light
  • EduCertEx
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